Skyworth cool open TV system how to upgrade?

Is it risky for Skyworth CoolTV to perform a local upgrade? People often say that there are risks in brushing, and brush and cherish! However, downloading the official upgrade package for TV upgrade is still very safe, which can not only realize the new operating experience brought by the new system, but also ensure the security of the TV. After all, Brush is not everyone can try!

Ready to work:

Confirm the model, movement, and size of the CoolTV, download the corresponding system installation package, and extract the downloaded file (without extracting the update package), copy it to the root directory of the U disk, and unplug all devices except the U disk. (SD card, other U disk, signal line, VGA, HDMI, etc. all unplugged).


Skyworth cool open TV system upgrade local upgrade graphic introduction

First, before the upgrade, you need to download the corresponding brush package/update package.

Skyworth cool open TV system upgrade local upgrade graphic introduction

Second, the installation package into the U disk's root directory.

Skyworth cool open TV system upgrade local upgrade graphic introduction

Third, enter the "system upgrade", "local upgrade" click "upgrade."

4. After the upgrade is successful, the system will automatically restart the TV to enter the new system and the upgrade is complete.


One, U disk must be a single partition fat format U disk, try to use U disk upgrade, it is best not to use sdcard.

Second, the U disk needs to be placed in the file name must be strictly matched, otherwise it will not be able to upgrade because it can not find the specified file.

Third, U disk before the upgrade is best to empty, and then into the appropriate file.

Fourth, if you can not find the upgrade package, please replace the U disk or restart the machine and try again.

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