Smart TV how to install small micro-broadcast, watch TV live show?

Small micro-broadcast is an all-aggregation live broadcast software, which is very convenient and quick to use and runs on smart TV boxes or smart TVs.

With 300+ live channels, 24 hours dedicated maintenance, with 7 days of domestic TV viewing, TV online collection, P2P live broadcast protocol support, simple operation and complete functions, the elderly is easy to use, no need to download settings to use, than From other software, micro live broadcasting is simpler and faster; then how to install micro live broadcast on smart TV?

Official website to download: small micro live broadcast.apk

Through the online installation above or directly in the sofa butler search "XW" to find "little micro-live", click to download and open, 6M less than the volume is very small.

The first time you open the "microbroadcast" will have detailed novice guidance, similar to HDP live streaming, vst all polymerization is very easy to use.

After jumping out of the guide, the program was loaded only for less than 1 second. The loading speed made Xiaobian very surprised! It doesn't take a long time to wait for the first time.

When watching the live broadcast, press the menu button to perform detailed settings for live view, such as "decoding mode", "screen ratio", "source selection", and "collection". It is worth mentioning that "Little Live" has also intimately added "problem feedback" function, real-time receiving feedback from the majority of television users, and resolved the first time. The user experience is excellent.

The live broadcast application is of course the number of live channels. The “micro live broadcast” currently contains 300+ live channels, and is maintained by dedicated personnel for 24 hours. It also comes with a 7-day domestic satellite viewing function, which is sufficient for live broadcast. The use of television needs.

It is still very good to experience a brand-new live application to change the taste under the situation that the live broadcast software is not rich at present, let alone "Little Live Broadcasting" is such a brilliant live application? Interested friends quickly search on the sofa butler to download it!

Small micro broadcast official download address:

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