Snow Wright Health LED lighting bulb listed

Snow Wright Health LED lighting bulb listed Grasping the healthy demands of modern life, Snow Wright integrates cutting-edge technology at home and abroad to develop a series of "healthy LED lighting" products. Snow Wright Health LED bulbs that inherited the classic "Little Yue Liang" name have been launched on the market, and shipments have reached millions.

Snowlight Optoelectronics is one of the most representative listed companies in the field of electric lighting in China, a strategic partner of the Chinese fencing team, and a winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Snow Wright seized the "energy-saving" core, the energy-saving lamps to achieve the largest and smallest power in history, "Racket Rocket" has become synonymous with high-power energy-saving lamps.

Snow Wright "small more bright" healthy LED bulbs have 3 watts, 3.8 watts, 5 watts, color temperature 3000K and 5000K. At present, the main push 3.8 watts. Adopting the world's top chip package, the patented ceramic heat dissipation technology has direct replacement, “one-day power after 52 days”, long service life and other excellent features, and has won wide recognition in the market. In addition to the excellent quality of the product itself, Snow Wright's healthy LED lighting products also benefit from the deep cultivation of Snow Wright's channels. It is reported that Snow Wright launched the "Thousands of Million Stores" program this year, and is committed to building tens of millions of products and millions of customers, expanding sales channels, and nurturing quality resources. At the same time, efforts were made to strengthen the brand building, with “healthy LED lighting” as the core of the product, promoting the brand through channels, and channeling with the brand to achieve the perfect transformation.

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