Standard analysis of self-ballasted LED lights

[Source: "Engineering LED- Technology and Application," Xie Zhenhua May issue] Since 1879, Edison successfully invented incandescent lighting products of human life has become an indispensable part. Usually, we all think that a luminaire can be lit, illuminated or decorated.

Few ordinary users pay attention to the working principle of this lighting product or hide some dangers. In fact, as an electrical product, the luminaire will inevitably imply some potential danger to the environment and the human body. As a result, the safety standards and performance standards of the luminaires and the light sources and accessories associated with the luminaires have been developed. Up to now, the requirements for energy efficiency have also attracted consumers' attention.

The impact of the financial crisis has not stopped people from exploring energy conservation and emission reduction. Focusing on the environment and using environmentally friendly products has become the consensus of people all over the world. On October 10, 2008, the EU member states meeting of energy ministers requested the European Commission to formulate plans before the end of the year. In 2010, it began to ban the sale of household incandescent lamps in the EU. Prior to the European Union, the Australian and Canadian governments had announced plans to ban incandescent lamps. Therefore, in addition to the traditional light source, under such a large potential market demand, the pace of seeking new light sources by various lighting product manufacturers has also accelerated. In recent years, the development of LED light sources is unstoppable. It is expected that LED will become the fourth generation of new lighting sources, truly achieving the goal of green lighting. LED lighting products have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, less heat, good safety and convenient transportation. The industry is now facing a high growth market potential, with good development prospects and market space in China, Asia and Europe. Lamp manufacturers should seize this opportunity to understand the safety requirements of LED products early and prepare in advance to allow products to enter the market quickly. In order to keep up with the development of the product, the formulation of new standards is also accelerating. Therefore, for LED lighting products, new standards are constantly being developed and introduced. Table 1 summarizes the standards related to LED lighting products introduced in recent years and the LED lighting product standards in preparation.

For more information, please refer to the May issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications" magazine.

CSRME Safety Controller is developed for standard GB27607. By monitoring machine tool safety related equipment, the security of machine control system can meet the requirements of GB27607, and its security meets the requirements of ISO13849-1 (PLe) and IEC61508 (SIL3).

With rich interfaces, CSRME has limited programmable function. It can simultaneously replace many different types of safety control modules or safety PLCs, thus greatly simplifying the safety design of machine control systems and reducing cost.

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