Taiwanese businessmen rushed into the "12th Five-Year" lighting business opportunity LED standard first

The cross-strait standard cooperation seminar was held in July. According to Taiwan media reports, Ji Zhengkun, director of the National Standardization Committee of the mainland, will lead a delegation to Taiwan. The Standards Inspection Bureau said that it is currently actively negotiating with the mainland for common LED standards and incorporating medium and small-sized wind turbines and hydrogen fuel into priority development standards.

On March 21 last year, the two sides signed the "Straits Cross-Strait Standard Measurement and Certification Cooperation Agreement". The Standards Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs held a cross-strait standard cooperation seminar in Fuzhou and the National Standards Committee of the mainland in May last year to discuss the development of LED (Light Emitting Diode) standards. Liang Guoxin, the deputy head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, led a delegation.

Chen Jieshan, director of the Standards Inspection Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that after the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two sides of the strait, the two sides have a good interaction. At present, a cross-strait standard cooperation seminar will be held in Taiwan in July this year. At that time, Ji Zhengkun, director of the "Deputy Ministry" Continental National Standards Committee, may The delegation came to Taiwan to attend.

The mainland has implemented the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” this year, and the green energy industry is a key industry for the development of the mainland in the next five years. Chen Jieshan said that the two sides of the strait actively discussed the development of LED standards last year. The mainland is promoting the LED pilot program. If the two sides have common standards, they will help Taiwanese manufacturers to seize the huge business opportunities of the mainland LED "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities".

Chen Jieshan further pointed out that Taiwan announced the world's first LED street lamp standard in 2009. The mainland National Standards Committee also referred to the Taiwan version and proposed the mainland version of the LED street lamp standard "GB". At present, the two sides are actively checking against the cross-strait LED street lamp standards.

The Huaju Industry Common Standards Promotion Foundation has also pushed the cross-strait LED industry standards this year. Chen Jieshan pointed out that Huaju has accumulated the results of cross-strait cooperation in the past and has achieved good results. The Ministry of Economic Affairs will continue to promote the development of cross-strait common standards for LED and other industries on the basis of the promotion of the Huaju Foundation.

Officials from the Standards Bureau added that the two sides began to compare the product testing capabilities of LEDs last year. The Institute of Industrial Technology, Sun Optoelectronics and LED Lighting Metrology Laboratory signed a letter of intent with Xiamen National LED Application Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The specific results this year The third season was released.

In addition to the common standards for LEDs, officials from the Standards and Inspection Bureau said that because the Yangtze River Three Gorges Dam power generation is only enough for Shanghai, and there are only four major power grids in the mainland, according to Taiwanese business, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology actively promotes renewable energy, and hopes that every household will The ability to use solar energy and wind power, self-sufficiency, for Taiwan's production of small and medium-sized wind turbine manufacturers, business opportunities are unlimited.

The Bureau of Standards and Inspection also hopes to include new energy issues such as small and medium-sized wind turbines and hydrogen fuels at the cross-strait standard cooperation seminar held in Taiwan this year. It is hoped that through cross-strait joint formulation of standards, Taiwan's vast new energy business opportunities will be won for Taiwan.