Take a look at the new technology used by the first electric car of the smart car

Former 360 Vice President Shen Haijun’s entrepreneurial project, the first electric car of the smart car, was officially unveiled in Beijing. The electric car was named “Singularity Car”. In order to prove that the car is not living in the PPT, Shen Haijun personally opened the prototype to the podium.

Zhike Youxing is the entrepreneurial project of Shen Haijun, the former 360 Vice President, who left after his departure in May 2015. The project focuses on the field of electric vehicles. For the "Internet car", the industry has always been a wait-and-see attitude. The failure of the Ranger car was laughed by the industry as a car that lived in the PPT. In order to dispel this doubt, Shen Haijun opened the prototype at the launch conference today.

According to the video display on site, the car unlocking method is unlocked by fingerprint and adopts the hatchback door design. "In the era of the Internet of Everything, cars are more than just vehicles. 'TA' should also carry the functions of intelligent mobile terminals, not only connecting everything, but also growing," said Shen Haijun.

1. Fingerprint recognition unlock

In many concept videos, I have seen the concept car unlocked by fingerprint recognition. Some of them scan the fingerprint directly on the window glass. Although this singular car has not yet achieved such a powerful technology, the fingerprint is unlocked and placed on the door. It is at the forefront. However, for the mobile phone with fingerprints to unlock the sky, the fingerprint unlocking technology is not a big technical problem. Whether it is necessary to put this technology on the car remains to be considered.

Take a look at the new technology used by the first electric car of the smart car

2. Eagle wing door

Remember the eagle wing of Tesla Model X? Tesla had a quarrel with the supplier because of this door. The singular car also uses the eagle wing door, which looks cool.

3. Large touch screen

Since Tesla has installed a large ipad in the car, the car without a pad in the car is not a cool smart car. Since then, the large ipad has become the standard for Internet vehicles.

4. Internet of Vehicles

Since it is the Internet car, car networking is essential, plus a cloud, all data can be connected to the cloud. The cloud can monitor the vehicle situation and the driver's control actions in real time, adjust the stability of the car body in real time, and monitor the car's network security.

Take a look at the new technology used by the first electric car of the smart car

In the aspect of car network security, I am still relatively reassured. After all, it was invested by Shen Haijun, the former 360 vice president.

5. Self-driving

The car is equipped with an automatic driving function, the body is covered with a variety of sensors, real-time monitoring of the situation inside and outside the car.

Take a look at the new technology used by the first electric car of the smart car

Under the influence of "Internet +", the integration of automobile and Internet is becoming a trend. With the promotion and popularization of new energy vehicles, the automobile industry is in an unprecedented major change. Electrification, intelligence and Internet are the automobile industry. The general direction of development. Zhike Youxing enters the automotive industry with an Internet cross-border. It is not to subvert the traditional car, but to launch a subversive product while awe-inspiring the tradition, a "understand" of your electric car. We will wait and see if the smart car can do what it wants.

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