The best resolution for different types of TVs [Adjusting Raiders]

The resolution is actually a very important indicator of a TV. Nowadays, mainstream TVs have different resolutions. Many people think that the bigger the resolution is, the clearer the picture will be, but what is the reality? Today, Xiaobian leads everyone to see how the resolution of different types of TVs is adjusted.

What is the resolution

The resolution is the precision of the screen image and refers to the number of points that the display can display. Since the dots, lines, and surfaces on the screen are all composed of dots, the more dots the display can display, the finer the picture, and the more information that can be displayed in the same screen area, so the resolution is a very important performance. One of the indicators. The entire image can be thought of as a large chessboard, and the representation of the resolution is the number of intersections of all warp and weft.

The resolution is not only related to the display size, but also affected by factors such as kinescope dot pitch and video bandwidth. Among them, it is closely related to the refresh rate. Strictly speaking, only when the refresh rate is “no flicker refresh rate”, the monitor can achieve the highest resolution, and the highest resolution of this monitor can be called.

How much is the resolution of the TV

Plasma TV resolution

The representation of the resolution of the plasma TV is usually composed of two digital products. For example, 852480. The first number 852 indicates that each row of the plasma television has a plurality of pixels; and 480 indicates how many pixels each column has in the longitudinal direction. Different plasma TVs have different resolution levels. Common resolutions include 852480, 1024168, 1366768, 19201080, and more. Among them, 1024, 168, 1,366, 768, 1920, 1080 are the current mainstream resolutions, 852, 480 is facing elimination, and 1920, 1080 is the main trend in the future.

852480 resolution is the resolution of standard definition, can not restore HDTV picture quality. 1028768 resolution is close to 720p HD resolution standard, which belongs to quasi-HD resolution. 1366768, 19201080 has reached the requirements of high-definition picture quality, is a good choice for watching high-definition television programs. Among them, the resolution of 1920×1080 reaches the requirement of full HD, which is the best choice for watching top-level HD TV programs and Full HD movies.

LCD TV resolution

Resolution is one of the important parameters for LCD TVs. The resolution supported by traditional CRT TVs is more flexible, and the pixel pitch of LCD TVs is already fixed, so the supported display modes are not as much as CRT TVs. The best resolution for LCD TVs, also called maximum resolution, is where LCD TVs can show the best image.

When LCD TVs have a lower resolution display mode, there are two ways to display them. The first type is the center display: For example, when an SVGA 800×600 screen is displayed on an XGA 1024×768 screen, only the centered 800×600 pixels are displayed, and other pixels that are not presented remain dark. At present, this method is less used. The other kind is called extended display: when displaying a picture below the optimal resolution, each pixel is expanded to display by neighboring pixels through a differential algorithm, so that the entire picture is filled. This also causes the picture to lose its original sharpness and true color.

At present, the resolution of LCD TVs is mainly 1280×768 and 1280×1024. With the continuous emergence of new products, the resolution is also increasing.

How to adjust the TV resolution

Usually, the conceptual resolution is a physical structure, that is, an unchangeable property once it is generated, and it is usually referred to as a physical resolution by distinguishing the resolution determined by the display of its unique structure. In order to deceive consumers, many sellers in the market often use the resolution of “improving” products to flick consumers. Almost all TVs in their mouths can support a resolution of 1080p, ie 1920×1080, and in fact this means The resolution of the input signal allowed by the television is not necessarily related to the screen display of the actual performance of the television. Currently, the maximum resolution of the input signal in the market is called the TV resolution which is the most important means for the merchant. In general, the resolution of the TV is fixed, and we cannot change it. It can only be adjusted by adjusting the clarity of the TV.

The resolution of modern televisions is very high. It is no problem to meet daily viewing. The main thing is that you should pay attention to the television's viewing effect and sharpness when you buy, and not the larger the size of the TV, the resolution The bigger it is, the clearer it is, and everyone depends on your viewing distance and whether the screen is comfortable or not.

Detect true resolution

1. First draw a vertical thin line of 1CM at any point on the screen of the liquid crystal, take a circle ruler, and draw a thin line at the horizontal direction 10CM of this thin line.

2. Each pixel of the screen is composed of 3 dots in the red and yellow baskets. With a magnifying glass, these color points can be easily distinguished. Starting from the first line, with each group of red and yellow baskets as a unit, carefully count the number of units of the length of 10CM, and obtain the pixel value of each CM, and you can arbitrarily convert the various units of the screen. Resolution. If 10CM is too long and the number is too tired, you can only count 3CM, or 5CM total pixels, then divide by 3 or 5. The number of points larger than the error will be small.

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