The disclosure of the limit has come to see how Foshan Lighting is self-explanatory today.

"In the past two days, I have also received many phone calls from media friends. If I change to normal times, I may have explained it to others without patience, but I don't dare now." Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ) Dong Mi Zhou Xiangfeng laughs Said. "We must not only face the pressure of the Securities Regulatory Bureau, but also the pressure of social media." In a brief dialogue with Zhou Xiangfeng, the reporter clearly felt the pressure and helplessness he faced today from his tone.

On the evening of July 6, Foshan Lighting announced the announcement of the “Decision on Administrative Supervision Measures” issued by the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau, which involved Foshan Lighting’s annual report for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011, concealing multiple relationships. As well as the annual report fraud, Chairman Zhong Xincai was criticized by name. A stone has stirred up thousands of waves, and the company’s share price has also been affected by this. At the same time, Zhong Xincai's two sub-peripheral affiliates also surfaced.

Zhong Jia's two sons are suspected of connected transactions
According to public information, according to the Guangdong Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau, Foshan Lighting did not disclose the relationship and related transactions with Foshan Schnoqi California Electric Co., Ltd. and Foshan Slangbai Enterprise Co., Ltd. from 2009 to 2011; (Hong Kong) The relationship between Qinghai Skyline Rare Element Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the undisclosed related transaction with Qinghai Foshan Lithium Energy Development Co., Ltd. jointly established with Hong Kong Sky. Chairman Zhong Xincai was criticized by name.

As a "cash cow" for 16 consecutive years of dividends, Foshan Lighting has been rumored in the recent past. First, former chairman Zhuang Jianyi was investigated and Zhong Xincai was the soul of the company. He and his two sons fell into the trap. The whirlpool of interest delivery.

According to the information of Foshan Industrial and Commercial Information Network, Schnock's registered capital is 140,000 US dollars. The responsible person and legal representative are his eldest son, Zhong Yongliang; the registered capital of Sri Lanka is 500,000 yuan, and the responsible person and legal representative are His second son, Zhong Yonghui. The addresses of the two companies are almost together, which are No. 66 and No. 68 of Minjiang North Road, Chancheng District. After the incident, both companies have closed their doors.

The investigation found that the companies under the Zhong Brothers are far more than the above two, most of which have been cancelled or revoked business licenses. The companies still in existence include Zhongyong Gaoliang District Liangqi Electric Co., Ltd. and Zhong Yonghui under Zhong Yongliang. Foshan Nanhai District Luocun Tuoxiang Plastic Lighting Hardware Processing Factory, Foshan Gaoming District Shijia Lighting Co., Ltd., etc.

After several rounds of rumors, the reporter dialed the phone number of Zhong Yonghui. The other party did not seem to be in a hurry. "The present thing is also on the cusp of the storm. It is not convenient to say anything, or wait for the result, everything. Subject to the announcement, this week will produce results."

Regulated by regulators
In fact, the fake report of Foshan Lighting's regular report is not the first time the company has been warned. Since 2008, the company has received attention from the regulatory authorities.

On July 31, 2008, the Guangdong Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a rectification notice to Foshan Lighting for the first time, stating that the company had related problems in the operation system, internal audit institutions and board governance.

In 2010, it was a year of frequent Foshan lighting incidents. The Guangdong Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a rectification notice twice, ordering rectification of the related transaction management system and information disclosure incomplete, untimely and irregular procedures. At the same time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a "concern letter" to Foshan Lighting three times, and paid high attention to whether Foshan Lighting violated information disclosure, whether there were related transactions, and the lithium battery project invested 100 million yuan.

At present, there are many rumors about Foshan Lighting, among which the largest shareholder is Osram Holdings Limited, followed by the actual controller of Hong Kong Youchang Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. and the former Foshan Lighting Chairman Zhuang Jianyi. Many industry insiders speculate that the incidents investigated by Foshan Lighting are constantly coming, and it is likely to be reported by insiders. At present, Osram and Hong Kong Prosperity rank first and second largest shareholders of Foshan Lighting, holding 13.47% and 10.50% respectively.

It is understood that as early as ten years ago, Zhong Xincai had hoped to buy all the state-owned shares held by the Foshan SASAC at the time through the management buyout (MBO). However, contrary to expectations, at the end of August 2004, the Foshan SASAC transferred 23.79% of the state-owned shares held by Foshan Lighting to its former two major shareholders, and Zhong Xincai’s dream was shattered.

As the actual controller of Foshan Lighting, Osram is one of the two largest light source manufacturers in the world. According to the agreement acquired at the time, OSRAM not only provided technical support to Foshan Lighting, but also purchased Foshan Lighting's $10 million product every year.

Today, OSRAM has paved the way for success in Foshan Lighting's market in China, and its Foshan production base is also the world's largest production base. However, this relationship with Foshan Lighting is a competitor. After Osram acquired Foshan Lighting, it not only failed to purchase Foshan Lighting's $10 million product every year, but also did not want to transfer its own technology into Foshan Lighting. The kind of relationship has made the current rumors about Osram and the Zhong family's power in Foshan lighting the most.

According to Zhou Xiangfeng, the director of Foshan Lighting, Foshan Lighting publicly explained the incident on the 12th of this month. "I have been writing materials every day for two days, but these things can't be said in advance. I can only say that the company will hand over all the materials to the regulatory authorities on the 12th. At that time, not only will there be explanations for the doubts about this incident, but also There will be another announcement explaining some other things and issues."

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