The electric car market is hot after the sale is a "difficult"

From the free kick to the unlimited, this winter electric car has become the new darling of the city of Beijing. On January 7 this year, Beijing’s new energy vehicle purchase policy for the new year was introduced. In 2016, there were 150,000 car purchase indicators, of which 60,000 were new energy vehicles. As the main force of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles can be seen in the coming year, the popularity of Beijing's electric vehicle market has become inevitable.

So in the face of more and more electric cars, what is their after-sales service situation? At present, the after-sales system of electric vehicles in China is quite chaotic. Due to the hot sales of electric vehicles last year, many small and medium-sized enterprises have jumped into the market to prepare for a share. The after-sales market for electric vehicles that were not systematically intensive has become more chaotic. After purchasing electric vehicles, consumers have become “difficult”. It is difficult to solve the problem, and there are some reasons behind this.

Dealer negative after sale

Although the sales of electric vehicles are getting more and more prosperous, they are mainly driven by the state's subsidy policy. Therefore, the profit of the dealers here is not very big, let alone the after-sales problem. Because electric vehicles have a short development time, many vehicles are new vehicles plus the national three-pack policy. It is both troublesome and unprofitable to repair electric vehicles. Moreover, the relationship between dealers and electric vehicle manufacturers is not close, so many dealers' after-sales services are very negative, and often push the problems back to the manufacturers.

Parts are complicated and difficult to distinguish

Most of the main parts for manufacturing electric vehicles in China are imported from abroad. Although domestic research on power batteries has been strengthened in recent years, these accessories are still mainly imported. This has caused problems. There are many small businesses that imitate imported accessories to win huge profits. According to network statistics, 20%-30% of counterfeit parts are now circulating in the electric vehicle accessories market. This makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish between true and false during maintenance.

After-sales technical level is low

Because the development time of electric vehicles is short, the technical level of maintenance personnel is generally low. General after-sales maintenance personnel are familiar with the maintenance of ordinary vehicles, and the level of knowledge about how to repair electric vehicles is not enough. Most of the electric vehicles are high-voltage electric systems, which are prone to electric shock. Nowadays, the after-sales maintenance of electric vehicles is mostly to directly replace the accessories, and it is impossible to use advanced equipment for diagnosis. If the overall quality of our electric vehicle after-sales maintenance personnel will not improve in the future, it will seriously hinder the development of the electric vehicle after-sales market.

Lack of government monitoring

Although China introduced a number of favorable policies for electric vehicles last year, they all focused on encouraging sales. The after-sales market of electric vehicles does not have relevant management policies and monitoring, which has led to the “three-way zone” in China's electric vehicle after-sales market. The victims are finally consumers, there is no strong guarantee after the sale, how can citizens buy and use electric cars with peace of mind.

The aftermarket of electric vehicles is an important part of the entire sales process, if this part is missing. The popularity of electric cars has become a bubble that has been blown up, and it will take a long time to get back to its original shape. Therefore, in order to have a good development prospect for electric vehicles this year, both the government and electric vehicle brands should start from after-sales service and establish a perfect after-sales service system as a strong support for electric vehicle sales.

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