The first Super HDR TV Changhong CHiQ new Q3T map tour

On March 28th, Changhong released the first CHiQ TV Q3T series equipped with UMAX cinema system, covering 43/50/55/60/65/75 size. The new Q3T series continues many of the outstanding qualities of CHiQ TVs, and achieves the perfect combination of HDR high-dynamic display technology and DTS dual-decoding sound system, bringing viewing effects to the ultimate experience of IMAX theaters. We took the lead to get the 50-inch model 50Q3T, the first to send the appearance of the reward section.

JoyLED outdoor LED display is 50% lighter than traditional Led Advertising Panel, which saves transportation and labor cost. 

Patented light-blocking design  of JoyLED outdoor fixed LED screen prevents light leakage to the front. Led Display Modules support for front and rear maintenance. The handle design brings convenience to LED panel lifting. Great heat dissipation and IP65 protection grade for JoyLED Outdoor Fixed LED Display. Front Maitenance Illustration for LED display

Outdoor Fixed Led Display

Outdoor Fixed LED Display

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