The ideal car bomb? Autopilot has been used by terrorist organizations

Maybe, you have seen videos of drones carrying machine guns, but do you know that the same security risks are lurking in driverless cars, and a series of bombs are installed on the car... .

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With the further development of autonomous driving technology, autonomous driving technology will bring convenience to people, or it will bring new security risks. Terrorist organizations such as ISIS may use autopilot technology to deliver car bombs. In response, online companies have obtained evidence that ISIS is now researching autonomous driving technology to make autonomous vehicles an ideal car bomb, and the evidence is increasing. It is worth mentioning that only one ISIS terrorist organization has the ability to create a terrorist threat of autonomous driving.

Technology is a double-edged sword, and automatic driving is no exception. It is reported that as early as two years ago, the FBI FBI issued a warning that criminals may use autonomous driving technology as a weapon of destruction. Now, security experts are worried that the FBI's warnings are becoming a reality, and terrorist organizations such as ISIS are very likely to use autopilot cars to make car bombs.

Dutch cybersecurity expert Hebron said: "We have clear evidence that ISIS is building a car that can drive automatically. Moreover, they are still building a mannequin that can cope with the situation of coronal thermal imaging, making the outside world look like this There is a driver driving a car."

The use of autonomous vehicles to create terrorist attacks is by no means alarmist. Terrorists can place bombs on self-driving cars and enter the address they want to blow up and send a "car" to perform the mission. Therefore, they may not need to recruit human bombs at all in the future. Although car safety experts and the media have pointed out the dangers of hacking into autonomous vehicles, Hiberi said that terrorists use autonomous vehicles to carry out terrorist attacks is the most terrible.

On the other hand, Hiberney and other security experts warned the United States that the US transportation system is still very vulnerable to cyber attacks, which can lead to very large losses and confusion. Security experts stress that hackers can incur greater losses in addition to attacking individual vehicles. For example, they may tamper with the software, causing two trains to collide, or to emit viruses that interfere with the normal operation of traffic lights. The FBI has pointed out that autonomous vehicles are very likely to turn into a powerful tool against law enforcement. Although it may facilitate police enforcement, it will also become a weapon of destruction.

Self-driving cars will be part of the future of unmanned transportation. Although in the real world, long-range attacks have not yet occurred, security experts have begun to plan ahead and actively prepare for it. Experts have successfully demonstrated that cars can remotely access and control cars through several access points. For car manufacturers leaders, it should be taken more seriously, and strive to reduce the frequency of use of self-driving cars to endanger public safety events.

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