The industry estimates that the civilian market will become a new battlefield for LED companies

This year, relevant national departments are stepping up the development of standards for the LED industry. With the gradual improvement of technical standards, the threshold for government procurement has also risen accordingly. According to industry analysts, under the influence of various factors, the LED industry will undergo a period of integration, and the civilian market will become a new battlefield for LED companies.

In the past year, with the improvement of the LED industry technical standards, the price of upstream chips has continued to decline, and the price of LED products has generally decreased by 30%. The price difference between LED lighting products and traditional lighting products has dropped rapidly, and the mainland LED consumer market will become a new battleground for enterprise Nuggets.

The government has introduced a series of support policies to promote the large-scale use of indoor lighting products. In order to seize the opportunities in the LED civilian market, LED companies must master the core technology and find ways to reduce the cost of the product in order to win the competitive initiative.

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