The latest sensor technology, mobile phones can obtain indoor navigation information

Hosted by Shenzhen Creative Times and supported by the China Communications Society, the 2012 Portable Product Innovation Technology Exhibition will be grandly held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from July 25-26. This exhibition will focus on user experience, new display and cross-platform design, focusing on mobile electronics such as mobile phones, tablet computers, e-books, and ultrabooks. In addition to key components, the technology that makes mobile terminals cool is emphasized, including industrial design, mobile applications, solutions, MEMS, virtual reality, multi-touch, AMOLED, 3D display, flexible display, new sensors, NFC, etc. A total of more than 500 new product technologies.

Wuxi Konsensk Electronic Technology (hereinafter referred to as Consensic), as a global supplier of consumer electronics and portable equipment MEMS sensors, will exhibit its latest sensing technology-atmospheric pressure sensor at this portable product innovation technology exhibition (Common) CPS120, atmospheric pressure sensor (waterproof) CPS130 and atmospheric pressure sensor (ceramic substrate) CPS150. On the occasion of the upcoming portable product innovation technology exhibition, the reporter was fortunate to interview Lu An'an, Consensic's marketing director, who gave his unique insights into the sensor market in the consumer and industrial electronics fields.

[Description: The following J is Journalist (journalist), L is the interviewee Anan Lu (Consensic, Inc. Marketing Director)]

J: Hello, welcome to participate in this "Portable Product Innovation Technology Exhibition", first of all, please give a brief introduction to your company and you.

L: All right. Hello everyone, I am Lu An'an, Marketing Director of Consensic, Inc., and I am very pleased to be invited to come and represent our company in this "Portable Product Innovation Technology Exhibition". We Consensic is an emerging global supplier of MEMS sensors for consumer electronics and portable devices. We are mainly engaged in the design, development and production of digital MEMS pressure sensor chips, and are competitive because of their lower cost, smaller size and higher accuracy . We are a US-funded company headquartered in Hong Kong, our R & D company is located in Burlingame, California, and our production company is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.

Consensic was originally created by senior people who have been engaged in the sensor industry for many years, and constantly recruits excellent talents in all aspects of manufacturing sensors to strengthen the entire team, which also guarantees the quality and accuracy of products from the roots. Referring to the current status of the layout of portable products, we know that Shenzhen has always been at the forefront of the country, and there is a little imbalance between the north and the south. Moreover, the development of the Pearl River Delta has been prosperous in recent years. The vanguard of the networking industry, so under the promotion of this large environment, we hope to radiate the entire Yangtze River Delta through Wuxi, and then use the Yangtze River Delta as a starting point to balance the North and South portable product industries, thereby driving the prosperity of portable products across the country.

J: Through your introduction, we have a further understanding of your company's scale, products and vision. Could you please introduce your company's products and their performance and scope of application next?

L: Consensic's main products for this exhibition are atmospheric pressure sensor (ordinary model) CPS120, atmospheric pressure sensor (waterproof model) CPS130 and atmospheric pressure sensor (ceramic substrate) CPS150. Below I will introduce you in detail.

Let me talk about the ordinary CPS120, it is a high-quality, low-cost capacitive absolute pressure sensor, which uses a monocrystalline silicon structure as the sensor unit, and the pressure port is located on the back of the sensor, making it normal under extreme temperatures and other harsh environments. use. Its main features are: fully calibrated temperature and pressure output, adjustable temperature and pressure sampling frequency and resolution (8, 10, 12 or 14 bits), short sampling time: 0.7ms (8 bits), 1.6ms (10 bits ), 5.0ms (12 digits), 8.5ms (14 digits), the supply voltage is 3.0V ± 10%, the absolute temperature range is -40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃, the pressure accuracy is <±0.2kPa@25℃, the temperature accuracy is ± 1.0 ℃, with automatic sleep function. The CPS100 series has a wide range of applications, such as portable / fixed barometers, altimeters, sports watches, weather stations, industrial medical equipment, smart phones, automobiles, etc.

Let's look at the waterproof version CPS130, a capacitive pressure sensor with waterproof function, with a fully calibrated digital output of pressure and temperature compensation. CPS130 has all the characteristics of CPS120. In addition, the biggest difference of CPS130 is that it is waterproof. It is a ceramic substrate and has a larger volume than CPS120 and 150. Its packaging form is SMD, which is different from the LGA packaging form of CPS120 and 150.

Finally, let ’s talk briefly about CPS150. The only difference between it and CPS120 is that CPS150 is a ceramic substrate, and CPS120 is a PCB substrate, and the performance of 150 is better than 120, because ceramic is a recognized high elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and resistance. Shock and vibration materials can ensure the high precision and long-term stability of the product. If you are interested, you can also follow our official website or refer to our brochure.

J: So Mr. Lu, please analyze and analyze what technological innovations your company's products will bring to mobile terminal products? I think this is also a problem that many mobile terminal manufacturers pay close attention to.

L: We are now paying close attention to what we have started to do. Indoor navigation is electronic and dynamic, and related information can be obtained through mobile phones. People who often go abroad may notice that this type of indoor navigation has been widely popularized in the United States and Japan. For example, which floor we go to in a shopping mall, and which shops are on the floor, it will be automatically displayed and updated, which is somewhat wrong. Friends with a bad sense of direction will be of great help. But as far as I know, in China's large shopping malls, there are only floor plans, and similar technologies are rare.

On the other hand, we want to introduce IMU into the mobile phone, usually called "inertial measurement unit". For example, we can place the gravity sensor, gyroscope, magnetic sensor and pressure sensor inside the mobile phone through a certain technology, so that the mobile phone has measurement or The function of distinguishing acceleration force, angular velocity, direction and environmental pressure, I believe that the advent of this mobile terminal has saved many professionals or enthusiasts a lot of trouble in carrying equipment.

J: As you said, we are looking forward to the advent of this mobile terminal. Now the development of electronic products is really too fast, and it is becoming more and more convenient for people's lives. By the way, how does your company's products perform in the market? At the same time, what are the outstanding advantages of the products compared to competitors?

L: As I mentioned just now, we are an emerging company. After we have perfected the company ’s website, we call one after another to consult products or purchase or intend to cooperate with each other, and there is no shortage of personally visiting, or visiting, or A company that communicates or cooperates shows that our products are eye-catching and very active in the market.

Speaking of the outstanding advantages of the products, the CPS100 series are all capacitive pressure sensors. Consensic's unique TSV (through-silicon via) technology can transfer the charge from the upper end of the electrode to the silicon body. TSV technology makes Konsensk out of the traditional sensor line. And because of its high stability and high reliability, it is used in many fields; whether it is pressure accuracy or temperature accuracy, our error is lower or at least flat than that of international manufacturers. It is particularly worth mentioning that the temperature characteristics of the CPS100 series are all Very good.

J: We sincerely hope that your company's products will have a large market share in the future. Can Mr. Lu reveal a little about the future market expectations of existing products and the new R & D plan for the next year?

L: I often say how important it is for a marketing person to have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering the market. Based on my personal years of experience and market acumen, our products are very optimistic about the future market expectations. We mainly put our products in the fields of consumer electronics and industrial medical equipment, and gradually transition to the automotive industry and white goods industry to form our own industrial chain. For example, we plan to launch the pressure sensor CPS170 next year, which is specially used in car engines; for example, the humidity sensor CPS300 series that we are going to put into production will give electrical products that replace our housework, such as washing machines, some kitchen appliances, and air conditioners. , Washing machines, etc., bring huge technological changes. I still hope that interested companies or individuals can pay more attention to the new products that our company will launch later.

J: Please comment on the demand prospects of the mobile terminal product application market in the coming year.

L: All right. I would like to say that the young people's pursuit of mobile terminal products is no less than the enthusiasm of chasing the stars. Take the Iphone4S and Xiaomi mobile phones, for example, the order is completely sold out, not only because of the brand's reputation, but also product operation The convenience and diversity of applications. So I believe that if you can enrich the application of mobile terminal products, make the products fuller, more practical, and more closely related to daily life, it will not only be sought after by young people.

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