The necessity of CAE simulation analysis function

The multi-axis fatigue model has a clear physical meaning and is suitable for describing the fatigue failure of the light blocking element under complex stress and strain. However, there are many types of multi-axis fatigue models. Finding a suitable or further repairable model is to predict the light blocking element under different working conditions. The most important thing is the fatigue life. Based on the design principles and concepts of low-cycle fatigue, the performance optimization and replacement research of light-blocking components were initiated. At present, the axial length of the front end light blocking element of the third generation synchrotron radiation device is very large, which is not conducive to the optimal arrangement of the optical element. The redesigned light blocking element may be considered to increase the incident angle of the beamline grazing, so that the axial length decreases.

The next-generation light source is an X-light source based on the principle of free electron lasers. At that time, the heat load energy density is higher, and the designed light-blocking element still needs to have a rated service life. Therefore, the establishment of new design criteria can be used in the design of the new beam line of the third-generation synchrotron radiation device (such as the beam line of SSRF Phase 2 and later), so that the beam line layout is more optimized and reasonable, and the future will be the next generation light source The basis of the design of the light-blocking element, but relevant research must be carried out now. In short, in the future research work to meet the needs of the upgrading of synchrotron radiation devices, the design guidelines based on low-cycle thermal fatigue life are proposed, and the method of combining experimental testing, theoretical analysis and CAE is adopted to strive for major achievements in the field of light blocking element design breakthrough.

Due to the complexity of the engineering structure, CAE is an indispensable means of research, and it is also a bridge connecting experimental testing with theoretical models. As the basis for the design of light-blocking elements, design criteria have always been a focus issue. Early design criteria based on material yield strength have gradually been abandoned. Considering the service life of light-blocking elements and the upgrading of synchrotron radiation devices, new design criteria—design criteria based on low cycle fatigue are being proposed. However, the research is still in its infancy, and more work requires more effort from relevant scholars and engineering technicians. Making full use of CAE's powerful simulation and analysis functions is essential for the in-depth development of the research and the ultimate improvement of the design level of the light-blocking element.

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