The original innovation people brand civilian price JBL C100SI in-ear wire headset unpacking

JBL has always been a stage speaker and Bluetooth speaker. In recent years, many new headphones have been introduced. It is undoubtedly good news for enthusiasts, because we have a new choice.


The C100SI earphone box is made of cardboard and PVC sheet. The earphone is exposed in the transparent window of the box and you can see the real thing at a glance. Box size: length 60 × width 30 × height 175 (mm), gross weight 55 grams. There is also a warranty card in the package and a copy of the safety manual.


The unit size of this pair of headphones is 9mm, and the space occupied by the headphone cavity is also relatively small, so the entire pair of headphones looks particularly small and compact. Headphones to plastic shell as the main body, printed with JBL silver-gray LOGO, from the rubber sleeve to headphones, wire, color is still unified, but the visual sense of plastic is still a bit stronger.


Wearing the overall feeling lighter weight, because it is a plastic thing, than the burden of a metal headset is much lighter, wear a little longer, the ear will not have the feeling of inflation, because the headset is small, round cavity can also be done It is suitable for girls and boys with small earholes.

Headphone cable:

For cost reasons, entry-level headsets basically use this type of wire, the main line diameter of 2 mm, the distribution line diameter of about 1.5 mm. The wire auscultation effect still has some, but it is not obvious. There is no wire clip in the attachment.


The headset uses a four-stage gold-plated plug that is suitable for use on mobile phones and is also compatible with standard 3.5mm audio output ports. The plug is gold-plated so that it will have better contact with the player jack.


The original large silicone sleeve and small silicone sleeve are each paired. The medium sleeve has been placed on the headset at the factory, and there are three pairs of rubber sleeves. From the standpoint of the quality of the rubber sleeve, it is similar to that of the iron triangle and Sony. The skin-friendlyness and flexibility are slightly inferior to those of the Colombian set.


C100SI has a 118dB sensitivity indicator and is an easy-to-drive headset. It is easy to plug in mp3 players and mobile phones. The thrust of the portable device is not large, this small plug is to use with the Walkman.


This headset just sounded three-frequency distribution is roughly balanced, there is no sharp and harsh phenomenon, as a whole is still relatively balanced, after opening, the sound will be biased toward the lower plate, suitable for playback of popular music.

high frequency:

The high frequency of the C100SI headset does not have a noticeable burr or dryness. Although the price of this pair of headphones is within a hundred dollars, the analysis capability is not bad.

IF and vocals:

IF there is not too much sound, the vocal position is relatively close, is a pair of earphones suitable for listening to human voice, although not the kind of rich mellow feeling, but give people a simple and plain feeling.

Low frequency:

Both elasticity and speed can be achieved, low-frequency dive can be felt, and the depth can be limited, not very deep. At this price level, it is at a general level.

Each headset paired with different earmuffs will have different sound performances, and the C100SI headset is no exception. Headphones with trumpet sleeves tend to sway up at high frequencies, and low frequencies tend to weaken slightly. With a large set of headphones, the high frequency is relatively dark, and the low frequency center of gravity is further down. The energy will increase, but it will be slightly boring. So when I wrote this review, I used a medium cover.

〖C100SI contrast with other headphones sound quality〗

C100SI VS JBL j33

JBL j33 headset is a product listed in the past few years, the typical v-shaped tuning, because the birth of the same door, so take it better than. The sound field is the strength of the j33 headset, which is a lap larger than the C100SI and it can give you a taste of some boxes. Listening to popular music, C100SI is better than j33, because C100SI vocals are more emotional than j33 and the distance is also closer, and the atmosphere is much better. J33 voice location is remote, there is a depression in the midrange, when listening to pop music is too calm, not as warm as the C100SI; C100SI is slightly more neutral warm plug, j33 tone is inclined to cold sound. Neither pair of headphones had a lot of sound staining. Although they could not be spotless, the overall sense of hearing was still clean. J33 is suitable for listening to all kinds of musical instruments, small classical music, etc., C100SI is suitable for listening to fever vocals, animation soundtracks, folk songs and operas and other types of music.


These two headphones sound very similar, if you use the same kind of earmuffs gap is very small, the main difference in the low frequency above, so when I use a large set of contrasts, so that low frequency came out, two headphones are partial to the lower body, hear more clearly . C100SI low-frequency characteristics are fast and powerful, transients slightly better than RE300H, listening to drums in pop music, will receive a more clean and neat. RE300H more low-frequency overtones, there is a certain degree of stickiness, listening to the cello and the like Bass stringed instruments have more flavor. The wearing comfort of both headsets is good, and the appearance of plastic is very heavy.


The Music Valley headset has more attachments than the C100SI, and it uses a Colombian set that feels softer. The SPX BALANCE headphones sound more, while the C100SI has less sound. In the performance of pop music, the atmosphere of two pairs of headphones was created. The deep bass depth SPX BALANCE was slightly deeper, and the sound field was slightly larger. C100SI workmanship is slightly better than SPX BALANCE. It is also ok in European and American brands, but it is inferior to the technology level of Japanese brands such as the Iron Triangle and Sony.

Advantages: Good sound, just sounded to be able to return the fare.

Disadvantages: The appearance of plastic looks too heavy, the grade is not high, after all, only this money.

to sum up:

Nowadays, the quality of headphones products varies greatly, and there are a lot of headsets asking for prices. There are also a lot of headphones for diving and jumping. This shows that the industry still has a lot of water. Because the sound of this kind of thing only after listening to experience, my task is to describe the sound characteristics of this pair of headphones as much as possible, to provide a reference for everyone, one hundred yuan of the product should not have too many unreasonable thoughts , This you know, this entry-level headset mainly depends on your favorite sound style. To be honest, if this pair of earphones does not have the same appearance, it can also be used to buy more than one hundred yuan. Therefore, the landlord thinks that the subwoofer's sound and price ratio is better than 100 yuan, which is a more economical choice. This brand is not taken out of shame. C100SI headset is located in the mobile phone family fever fever brother, so the headset more than a line control, I tried on the Android phone, operation is fairly easy.

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