The power cable market is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of no less than 10%

Wire and cable industry is an important basic industry of the national economy. With the rapid growth of China's economy and the further acceleration of the process of industrialization and urbanization, the wire and cable industry in China has developed rapidly. Wire and cable companies in China have mushroomed and have been escalating. With the increase of urban power grid reforms, the power cable market is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of no less than 10%. The wire and cable industry has made remarkable achievements. It has become the second largest industry in the country after the automotive industry, with product variety satisfaction rate and market share exceeding 90%. In the world, China's total output value of wire and cable has surpassed that of the United States and has become the world's largest wire and cable producer.

Jewelry Safe is a secure and protective storage container against burglar & drilling 


 A Jewellery Safes are of elegant and top grade appearance and are decoration art  in household;

Electronic and fingerprint panels are available;

Higher security performance to secure treasures;

3 wrong code inputs shall trigger the alarm;

Comes with an Emergency power supply in case of an emergency when there is a black out or the electricity is off; a warning tone goes off when the electricity is about to power off, so the owner can change to the emergency power supply  in time.

Jewelry Safe

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