The reason why game developers escaped from Android: The huge investment did not make money

Mika Mobile, a mobile game developer who has developed famous games such as "Braveheart", has announced that it will withdraw from the Android platform. For Android players, this is an unfortunate news - the platform will lose a good development team.

"Developing Android applications is thankless"

There is a clear reason for Mika Mobile's withdrawal: Money. As stated in its official blog: With Android games, they do not make much money. Instead, they have to invest a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.

In fact, last year, only 5% of Mika Mobile's revenue was obtained from the Android platform. Last year, they spent 20% of their development costs on solving Android version migrations and bug fixes. In addition, Mika Mobile complains that the new Google Play Store platform is not a good operation.

The most compelling point in this statement is their complaint: “Our Android apps don’t make money.” A lot of data research has also proved that the main function of the Android platform is to expand business influence, not Make money.

You know, there is a huge investment behind a small Android application. For Android systems, developers must consider all of these devices when you have multiple hardware configurations. This will generate more workload without any definite return.

The same problem also appears in the PC game, but much better than Android. Because there are so many types of Android devices, you need a variety of suitable software and hardware to help run.

The Apple's Advantage

It is these issues with Android that make closed Apple iOS devices particularly desirable. The hardware of the Apple iOS device is very uniform, which has attracted game developers to develop and optimize games for the iOS platform. In addition, iOS users are more willing to pay than Android users. Data from a number of market research companies show that the Android platform brings developers only 1/6th of iOS revenue.

The departure of a developer does not mean a complete negation of the entire Android system, but it also shows the problems inherent in the Android platform. At least for players who have already purchased "Braveheart", the game will not be updated. What Google must do to change this trend. Our reporter Liu Xi â–  suggestions

Telecom operators have great opportunities

In addition to the developer and Android operating version, the hardware with its own problems, communications expert Xiang Ligang also believes that the key is "App store can bring revenue to developers, but Android is difficult." "Mobile Internet development has five major elements : Networks, smart phones, new services, service management and billing platforms, and customer service support platforms. Now that the three have been solved, establishing a strong service management and billing platform is a great opportunity for telecom operators, he said.

However, to solve this problem, operators still have much work to do. Many users who use carrier customization machines are tired of those built-in fee-based applications. The hottest topic on the new machine forum is root and a clean system. How to change the user's impression is a problem for operators.

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