The sofa house teaches you how to use the smart TV to watch "Little Yellow Man's Eyes"

The adorable little yellow man is coming again! Following the "God steals milk dad", Xiao Huangren finally "turned over to serfs to sing," as the protagonist in "Little Yellow Man's Eyes".

In the “God Stealing Daddy” series, Xiao Huangren is a capsular creature made up of two cups of banana mud, variant DNA and fatty acids by Dr. Gelug and Navarreo, while in Huang Xiaoren’s autobiography “Little Yellow”. In the eyes of the NPC, Xiao Huangren was a single-celled creature that evolved hundreds of millions of years ago. The history of Xiao Huangren can be traced back to the dinosaur period. The current owners of Xiao Huangren are Gelug and Navario. They mainly build projects for Navario, serve as Grew’s guinea pigs, or Grew’s three adorable daughters perform. Huang Ren can serve as a spectator, and Xiao Huang people like to fight infighting. If they fight, there are more than a dozen opponents, and heavy rockets are used. The language of Xiao Huangren is usually a mixture of different languages.

Now, in addition to going to the cinema to enjoy the "Little Yellow Man's Eyes," you can also watch it on your smart TV, and use the sofa butler to easily watch "Little Yellow Man's Eyes". Methods as below:

Sofa butler download address:
Magic video download address:

1. Download and open the sofa butler, select the search function on the left side of the homepage.

2. Use the remote control to enter “MLSP” and search for magic video.

3, install magic video.

4, open the magic video, select the "little yellow people" classification label, and then select "movie" column, as shown.

5, magic video provided a small yellow movie collection, including "Little Yellow Man Eye Meng," "God Stealing Milk Dad 1" and "God stealing Daddy 2", have not seen the previous two friends can also make up for it.

6, watch the effect

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