The user needs more? The most reliable smart TV [purchase method]

New smart TV products are constantly on the market, and the audience is also very large. How to help every user in this huge user crowd to purchase products suitable for their own in many smart TV products? Even if the user needs are more and miscellaneous and not afraid, Xiao Bian brings 2016 smart TV products to buy The most reliable method to help users better buy!

The differentiation of TV products is very obvious. There are high-end, practical, cost-effective and functional TV products. In order to solve their own needs, the first thing we need to do is how to define our own needs for a television product.

With the success of Internet TV brands such as Xiaomi and LeTV, "cost-effectiveness" has become synonymous with such products, outstanding product quality, rich content resources, and cheaper product pricing, which are all important for consumers to choose such TVs. reason. After Internet TV began to capture the market share of color TV, the old color TV companies are also looking for new breakthrough points. Whether it is technological innovation, interactive innovation or content innovation, we can say that the intelligence and high-end of color TV products have brought us more The category and experience.

With the continuous enrichment and improvement of product features of smart TVs, consumer demand for television is also gradually diversified. From the interactive experience, picture quality, content, and even different “gameplay”, when consumers clearly define consumer demand, then It is very simple to choose a suitable TV product. Xiao Bian brings the smart TV purchase the most reliable method, even if the user needs more and more complex and what, still easy choice!

·How to choose the flagship TV?

Look at the price: The most direct form of distinguishing whether a TV is sufficient is price, and for most brands, the price of a product that can generally be positioned at the flagship level is almost above 10,000 yuan. Don't ask me why these TVs are expensive. After all, what you pay for is a penny. When you stand in front of such a TV, you can clearly feel that the equation of "price = strength" is right.

Look at "years": TVs and other smart terminals are similar in that every new generation and two generations of products will have new technologies/functions integrated into them, and even more so for high-end products, such as few years of experience. HDRs, OLEDs or Quantum Dots, etc. are now generally seen. If you use the same price to compare products from two years ago and the latest products, it's clear that you are better. So if you want to buy it now, you can still look at the high-end products released in the past year.

Some people may ask, after buying a high-end TV in one or two years will not be out of date? The answer is of course no, the current flagship machine is basically equipped with the latest technology, experience, display systems, in general, from the quality , sound quality and experience can all have good performance, and that's enough.

Look at the technology: At present, most households still use LCD TVs, but when you pay attention to TV products, you will find that "LCD" has faded out of our sights and replaced by QUHD, SUHD, ULED, QLED, SLED, OLED. . .

Of course, in essence, in addition to the difference between OLED and LCD, other types of "D" are based on LCD technology optimization, to achieve a better picture performance. What is the difference? Talk about the LCD technology branch, all kinds of technologies are optimized in the color gamut coverage peak, brightness range and other aspects, can achieve more color performance capabilities, so that there is no need to overly entangled the differences of various "D" How big is it?

Look at the experience: In fact, regardless of the price level, whether the screen is large enough, or the advertisement of the bus at your doorstep completely attracts you, when you determine that you want a certain TV (of course there will be several alternative models at this time) The best way is to visit the store in person to experience it yourself. You may find this TV is better or worse than you think.

·How to buy explosive TV?
Look at the price of some explosive models, Internet brand television is more willing to use the term "cost-effective" to attract young user groups, such as millet TV, users can get enough outstanding workmanship, hardware and rich content resources through cheaper prices. With a small amount of money, you can experience great big-screen entertainment effects. Why do consumers not enjoy it?

· See the content to buy a cheap, functional and practical TV products, the user's most direct and simple appeal is still watching online video programs, so some people will hear the "hardware free" propaganda slogan. Xiaomi integrates multiple video platform resources. Microwhales, PPTV, and other brands of TV have their own unique video content available for users to watch.
See functional requirements

The function of television is constantly enriched and diversified, such as games, karaoke, education, etc. Now we can directly experience it through a smart TV. Most people buy TV to watch live and online video. For some friends who like to play games, it may be that the hardware configuration of the TV is particularly important at this time.
·How to choose a family practical TV?

· The target audience of TV products is the home user. At present, some “children’s TV” and “elderly TV” that we can see are all provided for people of all ages on the premise of satisfying the basic needs of home users. More elaborate and customized content services, such as interface design, control methods, and recommended content columns, are all designed to allow different user groups in the home to better experience this TV.

·Functional experience The integration of video, shopping, education, square dance and game boards will enable all types of users in the home to experience the entertainment mode of smart TVs. In this way, a television can provide us with multiple services. Customized, customizable content services.

What are the fun TV features?

· Games At present, some TV products can run big games such as Wild Rider 8, Call of Duty, NBA2K15, and so on. I believe that the experienced friends will be overwhelmed by these masterpieces in their minds.

Yes, more cool dynamic effects and clear picture quality, smart TV allows us to play some of the more popular, but also a large number of players in a large number of games, resulting in a different entertainment experience.

·K song With the popularity of smart TVs, the related content section is also rapidly developing. Currently, Haier and many other brands of TVs all have K song function as a key point. We can perform K songs through TV at home. The process is simple and clear. You can also use mobile phones, microphones and other devices to enrich the experience.

K song and music as an important part of smart TV are now being accepted by more and more brand TVs. After simply realizing the functions of singing and listening to songs, we can also sing by themselves through TV karaoke. The songs are uploaded to the internet and share PK with netizens.

· Online shopping TV “Online shopping” also serves as an important section of smart TVs. At present, brands such as Hisense are the main players, and they are united with well-known service platforms to provide users with a better TV shopping experience.
The shopping function that is suitable for the TV version is not as complicated as everyone thinks. It is very easy to use the simple operation through the remote control, and the shopping process is also very convenient. Interested users are really worth a try.

· Somatosensory interaction Let us implement some entertainment functions on TV through the form of somatosensory interaction.
We can use mobile phones, remote controls, and other devices to perform somatosensory interactions with your smart TV. For example, some simple "fitness" games can help people to take a simple rest while watching TV.

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