This site is the first small workshop in the United States - GRADO Goethe SR325e Open HiFi headset

This headset has been bought for a year now, and the photo has been stored in the computer for a year, enough to see my laziness. . .

Last year it had a Fidelio X1

But in the summer time, the X1's big earmuffs were too hot, so I remembered Goethe who had always liked but didn't buy it. Goethe this series of fire is actually SR225, but 225 friends have one, and was looking for a high-frequency sound, so I chose the SR325e. He contacted An Run, because he was still familiar with the boss, so the price is a little cheaper than normal (in the beginning, Anrun really is not very good bargaining...) Then there is an Anrun that headset package Buy SR225e friends for Jingdong.

The unpacking map was taken by the cell phone at the time, and as soon as it was one, it was not made. Let's go straight to the text.

Think SR325e this point of view is still quite good-looking. Goethe should start from the level of SR325 upwards, and it begins to have the American mother's handwriting numbers. It is quite beautiful to write, and it cannot be seen in normal use in the slot of the lug pad.

Goethe's headphone cable is very thick, forget to take it alone, and take a look at the corner above it. In fact, I prefer the thick line, looking at it, it is easy to open the brain. . . In addition, starting from e, there is already a 3.5mm plug, and there is an adapter in the box. Some people like to judge whether it is a direct push design through the size of the plug selected by the manufacturer, but I do not agree with this view, this generation of e is a good push than the original is, but still can feel great on stage difference. (I'm not mistaken, Baia's DT880, the new DT1770, etc., a water 3.5 plug).

The head of the SR325e is also better than the 225, not a thin layer. But I later met a SR325e wooden box that my buddies bought. The head beam is better. The soft filling on the inside is good. Maybe it's almost like RS1? (I haven't heard of RS1, but I've seen it on the Internet and remember that RS1 is very good). Goethe's wearing is not really good. The ear will hurt after a long time. It's better to buy a softer sponge pad. Don't buy big earmuffs, it's ugly, and it changes the sound too much.

SR325e is no longer the mirror of SR325is, I like that mirror

Now let's talk about it a little bit, I myself have a poor language, plus I think this thing should actually be heard. The high frequency of the 325 is relatively bright, but it is not the stimulus that many people on the Internet said. IF I don't think it's very close, the distance is moderate. Not much low frequency, but good quality.

Talk about the performance of several different front-ends (presumably). He Qinghua's nfb6, this thing I personally really feel very general, very rough sound, with the HD650 is not good, anyway, is really not like, all kinds of stacking, but can not get a good voice. After listening to amber, the sound is smooth and very comprehensive. Still heard in the solo green version, the British old man tuning is really not covered, the sound is very clear, including their home small decoding amp bitzie, the sound is also very good, bitzie quality is not outstanding, but tune The sound is really great and it's a type I like very much. HIFIMAN home HM802U and 901U, are also good, but 901U sounds much better than 802 feel natural, 802 may still be a little lax, but with 325 is also good. Mountain Spirit's M2, the price of this thing is very low, indeed the sound is also so-so, this price player, I think it is not as good as an honest iPhone listening, not much difference, for the ipad may not be the difference between even the smallest. Colorful C10, with 325 is a long style, the treble played very well, the voice is very clear, but people who do not like the treble may not like it. There are bundles of X5 + AUNE B1, with Goethe quite good, you can weaken a little high frequency, more resistant to hearing, but that B1 is the first version, that potentiometer, ah, open to the volume of no sound has reached my volume The endurance of the limit. . . I heard that after the official reduction in the gains, perhaps this problem will not arise.

Chord mojo This little thing is quite hot, but it has not been heard for a variety of reasons. The last time I ran to hear it, but unfortunately that day the mojo had no electricity at all. . . There is a chance to go again next time.

I really like the DT1770 headset recently

The vocal knot is very solid (Yang Jing quattro ii push), the sound field can also be comfortable to wear, slightly low frequency, sound resistance. This headset is currently too expensive, 4000. I think if you are a bit more expensive than T90, it's about 3,000 or so. The best price within 3,000 is right. It seems to have arrived at 3,200 direct mail in the first time to see Indo-Asian direct mail, and it is recommended this for closed-ended headphones that need this price. The picture was taken at Baia Agency.

Probably so, fungus + illiteracy can't write masterpieces, and you forgive me. . .

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