Transparent car debut in Munich, feel the infinite charm of car electronics

The 2015 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show was held on March 17-19 at the E1-E5 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Centre with a total exhibition area of ​​57,500 square meters. Nearly 1,000 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions around the world formed the "Super Energy Electronic Team" to bring the latest electronic product technology and production process equipment, and introduced a source of innovation for the "Made in China 2025" plan. Many exhibitors are targeting the Internet of Things and Hotspot applications such as wearables bring innovative solutions. Microelectronics, Toshiba, Italian, Renesas, Infineon, Freescale, Murata, TDK, Taiyo, AVX, Panasonic, Guimigong, Guosheng, etc.

If you attend the Munich Electronics Show in Munich this year, you must be familiar with it. That's right! This bright and transparent car is TE ConnecTIvity, which was specially shipped from abroad to China for the purpose of this exhibition, in order to give you the best look and feel, let you experience the infinite charm of automotive electronics.

TE Automotive is the largest division of TE ConnecTIvity and its products are used in automotive powertrains, safety systems, body and undercarriage systems, as well as driving information and comfort systems, including industry-leading terminals and connectors, reliable smart sensors, A complete high-voltage product developed for new energy vehicles, a high-speed data transmission solution that enhances the driving experience, as well as relays, central electrical boxes, special wire sets and heat shrink tubing.

Transparent car debut in Munich, feel the infinite charm of car electronics

Freescale, a global leader in the semiconductor industry, continues to innovate in microprocessors, microcontrollers, sensors, analog integrated circuits, and more, and its products are widely used in the automotive/consumer electronics, industrial and networking markets. In this year's show, Freescale brings the latest application solutions in hotspots such as the Internet of Things, smart wearables and automotive electronics.

As a world-class semiconductor company, Toshiba has launched a comprehensive attack on this year's show, bringing the four main application themes of storage, energy and life, automotive electronics, and mobile internet. Introducing the most advanced embedded manufacturing from Toshiba from flash memory to hard disk. Storage device. The picture below shows a smart glasses concept product displayed by Toshiba, which makes us look forward to future wearable devices.

Transparent car debut in Munich, feel the infinite charm of car electronics

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