TV box installation application method set

What are the methods for installing application software for TV boxes? The development speed of TV box products is getting faster and faster. There are more and more samples of listed products. Each TV box product is different from the aspects of body design, built-in resources and operating functions. In the face of various situations, it is worth paying attention to how TV box users can implement application installation. Now, a series of application installation tutorials for different television boxes have been compiled by the sofa network Xiaobian to meet the operational needs of different users.

What are the methods for TV box installation?
With the ever-increasing variety of TV boxes, methods for installing application software have also been continuously developed. In order to meet the needs of users of different TV boxes, TVhome Xiaobian introduced five major installation techniques, namely: local download and installation of application software; U disk installation and application software; application market software download software; mobile terminal push installation; computer-side remote installation application , The five installation methods always have one for you!

TV box installation application method summary

What are the five ways in which TV box installation applications apply?

Method one: Download and install application software on this machine.
For the crowd: For TV box users with built-in app store, small white users can easily operate!

Method 2: U disk installation application software.
For the crowd: For users who install the software for the TV box for the first time, install an application market category software to facilitate the future installation. Note: Huawei, Xiaomi, Skyworth's small box does not have a USB interface and this operation cannot be performed.

Method 3: Apply market software download software.
For the crowd: Has been installed on the TV box to use the application of market-oriented software users, easy to install, fast, eliminating the need for many U disk installation software cumbersome steps. Xiaobian recommended sofa butler TV application market.

Method 4: Pay attention to the official micro-phone push installation.
For the crowd: Many TV boxes have opened the official Weibo account, just pay attention to the account can be installed on the mobile terminal push, you can also install mobile assistant software push installation. This installation method is suitable for young people pursuing fashion, mobile phone push is convenient and fast.

Method 5: Install the application remotely on the computer.
For the crowd: computer-side remote installation applications, is to download the application APK on the computer side, of course, application resources everything, the same for young people to use.

Note: Xiao Bian suggested that the first installation of the application using a U disk to install an application market class software, user-friendly follow-up application installation operation, eliminating the need for many U disk installation of the complex operating steps!
TV box installation application software method fast channel:

Method 1: Locally download and install application software Method 2: U disk installation application software Method 3: Application market type software download software Method 4: Focus on official micro-phone push installation method 5: Mobile terminal assistant application Push installation method 6: Computer remote installation

Are you a "love machine" person? The above multiple application installation methods can fully satisfy the use of TV box users who can not be limited to conventional operation and use methods, and more gameplay and operation methods bring more fun. Xiao Bian likes to love discovering and researching users who have the same function and different gameplay.

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