Ultra Low Power Energy Harvesting Battery Boost Converter Design

TI's BQ25504 is a new integrated nano-energy energy harvesting power management solution that is ideal for ultra-low power applications with special needs. The product is specifically designed to efficiently acquire and manage microwatts and milliwatts of electricity, usually from a variety of photovoltaic solar DC sources or thermal motor generators. The BQ25504 is a highly efficient implementation of converters or chargers for products and systems, for example in applications where there is a stringent need for operational power consumption in radio sensor networks. The DC/DC boost converter/charger, designed with the BQ25504, requires only milliwatts of power to operate.

BQ25504 main features

The BQ25504 is an ultra low power, high efficiency DC/DC boost converter/charger.

Continuously harvest energy from low input sources: VIN ≥ 80mV (typical) Ultra low quiescent current: IQ "330 nA (typical)

BQ25504 block diagram

Figure 1 BQ25504 block diagram

BQ25504 design schematic

Figure 2 BQ25504 design schematic

Cold start voltage: VIN ≥ 330 mV (typical), programmable dynamic maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

Integrated dynamic maximum power point tracking for extracting optimal energy (from various energy sources), input voltage regulation, preventing input source energy damage

Energy can be stored in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, thin-film batteries, supercapacitors, or traditional capacitor batteries, charging and protection

User programmable undervoltage and overvoltage

On-chip temperature sensor, programmable over-temperature shutdown battery status output

Battery good output pin

Programmable threshold and hysteresis

Power loss microcontroller warning

Load that can be used to enable/disable the system

BQ25504 application

Energy harvesting

solar power charger

Thermal Power Generator (TEG) acquisition

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Industrial monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Bridge Structure Health Monitoring (SHM)

Intelligent building control

Portable and wearable medical devices

Entertainment system remote control

BQ25504 reference design main features

BQ25504 design plan material list

Table 1 BQ25504 design plan material list

Evaluation module of BQ25504

Ultra Low Power Boost Converter/Charger and Battery Management for Energy Harvesting Applications

Undervoltage, overvoltage resistor programmable settings, flexible battery management, POTS including fine-tuning settings (not assembled on board)

Programmable push-pull output indicator for battery status (VBAT_OK)

Key signal test points for testing, easy to detect connections

Jumpers are easy to change settings

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