Vector inverter common faults and processing methods

The following fault conditions may be encountered during use. Please refer to the following methods for simple fault analysis:

1. No display on power-up:
1) Use a multimeter to check whether the inverter input power is consistent with the inverter rated voltage, and check the troubleshooting problem.
2) Check whether the three-phase rectifier bridge is in good condition. If the rectifier bridge is damaged, please look for

2. After the power is turned on, the power air switch trips. 1) Check if there is a grounding or short circuit between the input power supply and eliminate the problem.
2) Check whether the rectifier bridge has broken down. If it is damaged, seek service.

3. The motor does not rotate after the inverter is running Check whether there is a balanced three-phase voltage output between U, V, and W. If yes, check if the motor is damaged or blocked. If there is no such problem, please confirm whether the motor parameters are set correctly.
If there is output but the three phases are not balanced, seek service. If there is no output voltage, seek service.

4. The inverter display is normal after power-on, and the power air switch trips after the operation:
1) Check whether the output inverter module breaks down. If yes, seek service.
2) Check if there is a short circuit or grounding between the motor leads. If yes, seek service. If an occasional trip occurs and the distance between the point set converter is relatively long, consider adding an output AC reactor.

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