Verizon and Yahoo deal or change prices will reduce about 300 million US dollars

According to foreign media reports on February 16, according to insiders, Verizon's deal with Yahoo will likely change, and Verizon's price to acquire Yahoo’s core business will be approximately US$300 million less than its original price. If both sides can reach a consensus soon, the transaction is expected to be completed in April.

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Yahoo reached a $4.8 billion acquisition agreement with Verizon in 2016, but it immediately exposed a large-scale data breach incident, which had a negative impact on the acquisition. The two parties may reach an agreement before Verizon completes the investigation. Verizon hopes to complete the acquisition as soon as possible and incorporate Yahoo into AOL. There are also concerns that Yahoo's brand reputation and system security may be in the process of merging with AOL. However, Yahoo needs to obtain US SEC approval of its power of attorney statement before it can arrange for shareholders to vote on the transaction. (Internship Compilation: Wu Xinyuan Reviewer: Li Zongze)

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