Vitrima 3D lens that makes GoPro easy to shoot 3D video is on sale today

GoPro is popular with extreme sports enthusiasts for its compactness, water resistance and shock resistance, and is almost synonymous with “Extreme Motion Camera”. But for extreme sports such as skiing, surfing, and skydiving, it would be better if you can shoot your own heroic posture in 360 degrees.

Today, on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the Vitrima 3D camera lens officially began to be pre-sold, and unlike other expensive lens prices, it was prohibitive, it only sold for $ 145.


Just install the Vitrima 3D lens on your GoPro camera and you can easily shoot 3D video. The Vitrima3D lens uses a dual-lens mode inside, and a dual image is displayed at the same time. With VR head display, you can use one without editing. The key completes the 3D viewing mode. With the Google Cardboard settings, users can also enjoy 3D video on their mobile phones.

QQ screenshot 20161129135455.jpg

It is worth mentioning that as users demand more and more accurate video shooting, the future 3D lens market competition will also evolve very fiercely. For example, the Icelandic company Kúla has developed a single-lens reflex camera (SLR). 3D light speed classification lens.

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