What are the advantages of 4K TV now 4K TV is worth buying?

Since 2014, 4K ultra high-definition (HD) sales have exploded, and major TV manufacturers have been rushing to develop new 4K televisions with new technologies and new features. This has led to a decline in the prices of low-end and mid-range 4K TVs. Users only need to spend 3,000 yuan to buy a 4K TV with a good price/performance ratio. Here are some friends who are curious. What exactly is a 4K TV and why do so many people buy it? Here I will explain the advantages of the next 4K TV.

4K TV advantage

1, high resolution

4K TV has a resolution of 38402160, which is 4 times the resolution of 1080P Full HD TV. The clarity of the picture is higher, the image effect is more realistic, and it can even reach the point of shocking people.

2, high hardware configuration

In general, as long as it is a 4K TV, then it is certainly a smart TV, with top hardware configuration. Without high-configuration hardware support, 4K TVs cannot display strong picture quality. In addition, many of its smart applications will not run smoothly, and local high-stream video will not play smoothly, affecting the user experience.

3, enhance the quality of technology

In order to allow users to see clearer and more realistic images, TV manufacturers mostly incorporate the latest image enhancement technology into 4K TV sets.

4, "rich" 4K source

The 4K TVs currently on the market have more exclusive 4K video zones. Although they are converted from 2K to 4K, the picture quality has been greatly improved compared to 1080P videos. But even so, the number of 4K videos built into 4K TVs is not that much.

4K TV can play 1080P full-HD source, and in the absence of 4K sources, it will not encounter embarrassing situation without video. Once the 4K2K TV channel is launched, users can enjoy the ultra-high-definition visual experience at home! This is not available in Full HD TV.

5, shortened television viewing distance

When watching a high-definition TV at a certain distance, if the screen is too large, the human eye will see the pixels, forming a grainy feeling. Looking at the 4K ultra high definition television at the same distance, the human eye will not see the pixels, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful view of the big picture at a closer distance. 4K Ultra HD shortens the viewing distance by half. Your vision is completely occupied by the TV screen and takes you to an immersive entertainment experience.

Now 4K TV is worth buying?

Is it worth buying a 4K TV now? In fact, this varies from person to person. At present, 4K film production is insufficient, but for users who like ultra-high definition image quality, the lack of film source does not matter, because the lack of does not mean not, but also can see full HD video, not only Can use to see 4K.

However, a pragmatic friend may not think so. It takes a few thousand dollars to make only a few 4K movies that can be seen. It is not worthwhile, and other technology developments are mature. 4K TVs want to see what they think.

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