What are the new 60-inch 4K smart TVs at the end of 2016? Which is more cost-effective?

What are the new 60-inch 4K smart TVs at the end of 2016? Which is more cost-effective? Bring the current two hot brands Cool Open and Millet's new 60-inch 4K TV introduction to comparison, the parameters of the Hengping to see who is more cost-effective!

Millet TV 3s 60 inches

Reference price: 4699 yuan

Millet TV 3s 60 inch details: Amlogic T968 64-bit flagship processor, original LG IPS screen, true 4K resolution (3840*2160), artificial intelligence TV system "PatchWall puzzle wall", Sohu video content.

Cool open 60N2

Reference price: 4599 yuan

Cool open 60N2 product features: Cortex A53 architecture CPU, Mali-T820 quad-core GPU, 2GB memory, 8GB flash memory, LG IPS 4K hard screen, SoundBar, Cool open 5.5 system, Tencent is a video.

Millet TV 3s 60 inches

Cool open 60N2
Shape design

Millet TV 3s 60-inch continuation of the millet TV 3 red dot award process design, all-metal fuselage, monochrome diamond pattern aluminum frame, brushed metal back, the thinnest only 11.6mm. Millet TV 3s 60 inches a brand new 60-inch TV, is a new member of millet TV 3s artificial intelligence TV family, "her" followed the millet TV "to be the world's best TV" craftsman concept.

Cool open 60N2 narrow aluminum frame, using high-speed diamond cutting, CNC precision grinding, disposable metal anodizing process, showing a dazzling mirror-level texture. The beautiful Eiffel Tower base firmly holds up the European style of the TV, adding a touch of art to the simple living room.

Hardware configuration

Millet TV 3s 60 inches with Amlogic T968 64-bit flagship processor, Cortex-A53 quad-core 1.8GHz, Mali-T830 2+2 core GPU, 4K 60fps H.265 hard decoding, HDR support, Open GL3.1, 2GB RAM 8GB eMMC, 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Cool open 60N2 uses Cortex A53 architecture CPU, Mali-T820 quad-core GPU, 2GB memory, 8GB flash memory, the processor uses a 24-core configuration.

Operating system

Millet TV 3s 60 inches uses the first artificial intelligence TV system "PatchWall puzzle wall." It can continuously learn the habits of you and your family members, and classify the content of movies and television through 440,000 films and more than 2 million reviews. PatchWall puzzle wall, continuous waterfall flow and magazine-style beautiful layout, more intelligent precision recommendation function, understand the content better understand you.

Cool open 60N2 is equipped with Cool 5.5 system based on Android 6.0 depth development, super startup mode, get rid of tedious search process, click the handle button, a key directly to start the game, experience a new type of interactive human-computer interactive life. You can also use the smart air conditioner, smart refrigerator, weight scale, 3D camera, somatosensory gun, game controller and other various hardware devices to create a new home Internet entertainment center for cool open 60N2, to achieve a better man-machine Interactive experience.

Millet TV 3s 60 inches and cool open 60N2 Who's viewing effect is better? Xiao Bian brings a 60-inch 4K smart TV to compare the details, detailed comparison of the picture quality, sound effects and built-in resources in three aspects of detailed introduction, a comprehensive analysis of the performance of the two television in the film and television drama, to see which of the playback capacity is more awesome!

Millet TV 3s 60 inches

Cool open 60N2
Picture quality

Millet TV 3s 60 inches using the original LG IPS screen, true 4K resolution (3840*2160), wide color gamut NTSC 85%, HDR high dynamic image contrast.

Cool open 60N2 adopts 55 inch LG IPS 4K hard screen super clear image display, Cool open 60N2 adopts Korean original imported panel. 4K ultra-high-resolution high-speed motion picture without smearing, while supporting the top product essential HDR technology to provide more dynamic range and image details.

Sound effect

Millet TV 3s 60 inches in the sound quality with a new design of the independent audio, built-in 4 custom speakers, high school and low frequency full coverage. , standard high quality custom speaker array, with Dolby, DTS dual hardware decoding, sound is very good.

Cool open 60N2 uses the front SoundBar, the sound of the sound forwards directly through the ear without reflection losses. Surround + Dolby decoding + DTS 2.0, can reproduce the direction of each sound source in the game, plus four speakers, multiple surrounds, deeply shocked.

Content resources

Millet TV officially entered Sohu video content. Sohu Video has always occupied the leading position in the first platform of the American Opera and the United States, and exclusively owns a number of ace troupes and variety talk shows. In addition, Xiaomi TV has successively formed the Big Three of iQIYI, Youku, and Tencent content, and its content has surged by 180% for six months. At the same time, all copyright content of Tencent's video has been preset.

Cool open 60N2 built-in Tencent video rich and high quality content. Films, TV dramas, variety shows, animations, large-scale coverage of massive content; HBO classic American dramas, national geographic documentaries, NBA and other sports events, endless stream of quality content. Bring good home entertainment video and audio experience to consumers with good hardware + good content.

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