What happened to the millet TV 3 remote controller? Universal remote controller easy to solve.

Millet TV 3 shocked release, split design gives us a lot of amazing. Visible millet intentions for smart TV design. In fact, Xiaomi's friendliness to users is also reflected in other aspects. Many users often encounter remote control loss or remote control damage when they use the TV. This way, they can adjust the TV through the buttons on the TV. But it is very inconvenient. And Xiaomi launched a mobile phone application called universal remote control, you can turn your smart phone into a remote control for smart TVs, so that even if the remote control of our Xiaomi TV 3 is broken or lost, it can be used normally.

In fact, universal remote control application is not only able to support millet TV, but also can support other devices. I currently do not have millet equipment, so I can only use other equipment for demos.

Universal remote control interface

First of all, we want to ensure that Millet TV 3 is in the same network environment as our smart phone, and then open the universal remote control of the mobile phone. Then it will automatically search for smart TVs or TV box devices in the same network.

Universal remote control interface

After the search is complete, a list of available smart TV or TV box devices will be displayed. When we click on the name of the device we want to control.

Universal remote control interface

After entering the remote control interface, we found that this is a prison button remote control model. The switch, homepage, menu, and return button are provided, and the middle is the touchpad, which supports the operation of sliding up, down, left, right, and confirm.

Universal remote control setting interface

Click on the "..." button in the upper right corner. We can also enter the setting interface of the universal remote control. This can be used for on-off control of key vibration, horizontal screen image, and virtual keyboard.

how about it? With this universal remote control APP, is it no longer necessary to worry about the loss or damage of the remote control? Interested friends rush to try it!

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