Who hurt the privately modified xenon lamp?

A few days ago, the police carried out centralized rectification of illegal and illegal activities on the road surface in summer. From the statistical situation, the "injured people" of the high beam lights are "severe disaster areas". Many car owners have made convenient drawings and modified the headlights without permission. The intensity of the modified lights is extremely large, and there are no small hidden safety risks. What are the ways to modify the headlights on the market today? How are the lights after the modification different from before? The reporter conducted some visits.

The reporter visited a lot of xenon headlight models, usually three or four hundred yuan yesterday at 10 o'clock in the morning, the reporter came to Colli Auto Parts City. Across the distance, the signs of "Modified Car Lights", "Auto Beauty", "Shellet Xenon Lamp Wholesale" and other words were dazzling. After a round of rough calculation, there is basically one every more than 10 meters.

The reporter walked into one of them at random and explained to the owner that he wanted to equip the car with a xenon lamp. Master Wang, the owner, introduced it enthusiastically. "We have many kinds of car lights, and each car can find a suitable one. As for the price, it depends on which one you use." Wang said, different models adapt to different xenon lamp models, roughly H1 H3, H4, H7, H9, 9005, 9006, D2S, D2C, 880 and other models. The price of xenon lamps for ordinary vehicles is three or four hundred yuan, while some good cars such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz require seven or eight hundred yuan.

No need to change the lights "You give me money to do things"

Afterwards, the reporter walked into another car beauty shop, explained the intention to the owner, and asked if the formalities were needed. The other party said: "What do you want to change to, you can change it after you drive the car and select it."

During the interview, the reporter learned that the modification of the lights is "you pay me to do things" and does not require any other formalities. This is really convenient for the modified owner, but it makes the reporter worry. A shop owner told reporters that the modified xenon lamp has a high intensity of illumination at night. "When you turn on the high beam lights, you can basically see clearly in the cab of the opposite car."

The reporter who changed the headlight of the car and replaced it with a treble also learned that the way to modify the light is to increase the power of the original bulb, but the xenon lamp is the most popular way on the market. In addition, when the shop owner talked to the reporter about the business, he also said: "Generally, people who come to change the lights will change the speakers again, and they will not use much money anyway."

In another store, Master Li introduced to reporters that there are currently two main types of speaker transformations on the market, namely high and low snail and sirens. The main feature of the former is that the sound is particularly loud. Some car owners who are not satisfied with the sound of the car horn especially like the high and low snails; while the latter's siren sound is mainly loved by young people. When the two cars meet, the deterrent effect of the sudden siren sound is not Generally large, it is sought after by young people. The conversion cost of the two speakers is not high, about 100 yuan.

Two questions about changing lights to changing lights are not afraid of being investigated?

During the interview, it was difficult to identify with the naked eye. The reporter found that many car owners are not worried about whether the modified lights will be checked. It is understood that when the modified xenon lamp is driving on the road, if the owner turns on the low beam lamp, it is difficult to identify it with the naked eye. At the same time, Master Wang introduced another LED lamp to the reporter, which is divided into blue and white colors, but its price is relatively cheap, only about 10 yuan.

What about changing lights?

Mainly for the purpose of driving fast, etc. "I can drive faster at night." At 11 noon yesterday, an owner of a car beauty shop in Xingcheng West Road who modified the lights said that if they are original lights, the visible range at night is not enough. Dare to drive fast, but if you install high-powered headlights, you can "light up" and drive at high speed.

A female owner introduced that she didn't expect to change the headlights at first. Later, she was often blinded by the oncoming high-power headlights. In order to "return her teeth for teeth", she also changed the headlights with anger.

"Many of us here come to modify the lights. They think that their lights are not bright enough, or the lights are too dazzling, and their lights are not bright enough, so they choose to upgrade the brightness of the lights." According to another modified car The light shop owner introduced that in addition to the above factors, some of his customers here are young people who love to dazzle.

The police said that the hidden danger of "light pollution" is extremely great. What are the hazards of the recent centralized remediation of modified xenon lamps? Yesterday, the reporter consulted with the city car management office to check a share of Guan Chenjie. "At night, the sight is not as wide as during the day. This requires the driver to slow down when driving at night, but after changing the lights, the sight is better, and the driver is easy to drive fast, which undoubtedly increases potential safety hazards."

Guan Chenjie said that in the annual inspection of the vehicle, the vehicle management office will check the light of each vehicle. If the optometry instrument shows that it exceeds the standard, the owner will be required to correct it.

"According to relevant traffic regulations, vehicles should be changed to low-beam lights in advance." Guan Chenjie told reporters that the glare from the modified lights was very dangerous for the driver. Some car owners even raise the angle of the lights without permission. As a result, the low beam lights can "cover" the off-road car or the car in front, causing blind spots in the other party's line of sight, which is very dangerous. At the same time, in terms of environmental protection, this also belongs to "light pollution".

The reporter learned that the police will continue to strengthen the rectification of the behavior of using lights indiscriminately and not modifying the lights as required, and will carry out concentrated operations in the near future.

Instead of seeing clearly the xenon lamp in rainy days, the reporter found that there were many car owners who regretted after changing the xenon lamp. Some car owners told reporters that do n’t look at the xenon lamp is usually "powerful", but it will not be clear when it rains. Why is this?

"The price of the xenon lamp is not expensive, but the price is high when the lens is added." Mr. Chen once changed the xenon lamp. He told reporters that most of the xenon lamps use white bulbs, which are more expensive than the original halogen lamps. The performance in rainy and foggy days is far from good. Especially in the rainy season, the air humidity is high, and the xenon lamp does not have good penetration, which will cause danger when driving.

It is cheap to change the lamp, the lens is expensive, a store owner of Auto Parts City told reporters that if no lens is installed, the light of the xenon lamp will be scattered around. So what is the price of the lens? The reporter learned that it takes about RMB 4,000 to install a xenon lamp and a lens set on an ordinary car.

A store owner sighed with the reporter: "Now young people like to modify this kind of xenon lamp, because when driving, it takes a long distance to cover the lights of the opposite vehicle. It feels very domineering. We often have many people here to request modification Car lights. But because lenses are relatively expensive, many people just install xenon headlights without lenses. "

Xenon lamp is also called "Little Sun"

Xenon headlights use matching electronic ballasts to instantaneously raise the 12V voltage of the car battery to a trigger voltage of more than 23KV, ionize the xenon gas in the xenon headlights to form an arc discharge and make it glow steadily, providing a stable car headlight lighting system. Also known as "artificial little sun".

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