Xiamen Xinda: LED expansion project is purchasing equipment

On November 6th, Xiamen Xinda (000701) revealed to investors on the interactive platform on Thursday morning that in the field of optoelectronic business, the company's LED application expansion project is currently procuring equipment, and the construction of Anxi LED packaging new project has started. . In addition, the company revealed that in the electronic label business, its RFID product design and production line expansion project has invested in three production lines, and it is expected to be put into production in the second half of next year. Xiamen Cinda's main business includes the development and production of network information services and information products, commercial wholesale and retail, trade and real estate development.

  The Din-Rail Terminal Block is used to facilitate the connection of wires. In fact, it is a piece of metal sheet sealed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends to insert wires and screws to fasten or loosen them. For example, two wires sometimes need to be connected and sometimes need to be disconnected. This can be connected with terminals and can be disconnected at any time without them It's very convenient and fast to weld or wind together. And it is suitable for a large number of wire interconnection. In the power industry, there are special Terminal Blocks, terminal boxes, all of which are terminal blocks, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, common, breakable, etc. A certain crimping area is to ensure reliable contact and enough current.

  Insulation material is nylon 66 with good flexibility and flame retardant , copper alloy with wire frame structure provide moisture, salt fog and bad environment protection for a long time, special wire pressing structure have good self-locking and loose proof performance. the product designed in accordance with IEC60947.

Din-Rail Terminal Blocks

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