Xiaobian Comments: The true face of television "nuclear"

Go to the store area of ​​home appliances to a circle, shopping guide will certainly give you boasted TV "few nuclear", you fainted?

This is a TV sale on several major online shopping platforms.

Several cores seem to have been a key configuration element to the product. This year, it is really love to say that they are quad-core. There are countless 14-core and N-cores. How come the number of nuclear cores comes from?

The figure shows that the so-called 14 core is: 4 + 6 + 4 parameters obtained, according to this logic point of view, quad-core, eight nuclear that is simply slag, and bought over to play at all, install a few The application can't run!

A few cores will not be the focus of buyers, but the point is that this TV's ROM and RAM are the most important concerns for users. They say that the standard of the current TV is 8G ROM+1G RAM. Generally, this configuration of the TV is mostly in the 2000-3000. If the TV configuration purchased is lower than this, in fact, it can not play well, because the ROM of the 8G is occupied by the program of the system itself, and it is estimated that the space of 4G-5G is left. For users to use, and if you buy a 4G ROM TV, then the remaining estimate is about 1G.

There is a sense of sudden realization, right?

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